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An easy-to-use platform that helps you catch hackers. The only thing you need to do is to plug in our device in your network and get alerts on your dashboard when hackers get trapped in our honeypots. To add another layer of security, you can create and download some bait files to lure hackers into getting caught.

Why choose HackerDetector?

Easy-to-use solution

Our automated and easy-to-use solutions reduce complexity while improving security.

No installation needed

HackerDetector’s cybersecurity tools offer a turn-key automated cybersecurity solution.

Protect patient data

Get notified as soon as an intrusion is detected, and continue to keep customer data secure.

Self-defending architectures

HackerDetector empowers you to build self-defending architectures without deep technical knowledge.

Example use-cases of HackerDetector in healthcare

  • Our decoy devices can be deployed to the office network to mimic the PACS server. When intruder looks around the network, we can catch them and generate security alerts. 
  • Bait PDF and Microsoft Word files can be placed around on various devices that contain real patient data to lure hackers to interact with them and as a result, they will generate high-quality warnings. 
  • Healthcare professionals can send bait files over email, along with real information, to throw off intruders looking to intercept private information.

Why cybersecurity is key to Healthcare Organizations?

Prime target of hackers

The Healthcare industry has been the #1 target of malicious cyber-attacks for the past 10 years.

Costly recovery from cyberattacks

The cost of repairing the damage from a cyberattack in healthcare is on average 54% higher than all other major industries.

Protection of patients healthcare information

Private patients' information was compromised in at least 80% of data breaches.

Long recovery time from cyberattacks

The healthcare industry has consistently reported the longest times to fully recover from a cyberattack,
with repercussions lasting approximately
329 days.

Automated threat detection reduces cost

Implementing automated threat detection solutions decreases the overall cost of a cyber-attack by an average of 3.58 million dollars.

Recommended by experts

IBM’s annual Cyber Security Report recommends automated security technology as a primary factor in mitigating the impact of a cyber-attack.

Recent Cyber Attack on Healthcare Companies

In 2019, Canadian Healthcare Lab Testing company LifeLabs was hacked, compromising approximately 15 millions private customer records.  
The LifeLabs data breach included lab test results and health card numbers along with personally identifiable information of customers. LifeLabs was ultimately forced to pay a ransom to maintain the privacy of their customers.
Federal investigation determined that inadequate security measures enabled hackers to gain access to records.

Hacker Detector

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